Current Stories on COWRITE.NET is a writing game.

In realtime you create a story together with others. Everybody proposes and votes sentences. After a minute only the best sentence is kept.

Are you good at coming up with possibilities how to continue a story? Are you creative and imaginative in finding good follow up sentences? Can you quickly find a nice sentence that develops the story into the direction you’d like it? One that the others like too, so they vote you up? Watch the video below to get more of an impression.

(update) Now starting to organize two daily tournaments: One at 11am GMT, which is 12:00 CET in Europe, 10pm in Sydney, and the other tournament at 9pm GMT which is 22:00 CET in Central Europe and 4pm US Eastern Time. Looking forward to see you there.

I’m @malie129 on twitter. Don’t forget to tell your friends if you like the experience.

Another blog post explains the rules in more words. (update) When you start a story at the site you decide on the voting time. Beside the tournament stories, which run for 30 minutes, there are also longer running stories. When you are on the site a list of most active stories appears at the left side. They are open to participation.

(update) Another video from the nice story of Oct26 Great Sunday Tournament:

(update) Sorry, that site doesn’t work on mobiles that are older than a year (around that). Windows Phones work when you update to WP8.1. Any mobile should work if it’s possible to install Firefox Mobile on it.

(update) Lindy_TM was very kind to test recent changes on her iPad 2. It’s working now as well. Many thanks Lindy.

(update) Kindle Fire devices are reported to work as long as you don’t log in… Have to look into that.

(update) Co-writer Steve111MV just reported the site works ‚perfectly‘ on his tablet, an ALCATEL ONE TOUCH POP8 which he updated to Android 4.2.2. On my tablet there’s only Android 3.2.1. I installed Firefox and the site works nicely as well.

14 Gedanken zu “Current Stories on COWRITE.NET

  1. I really enjoy using CoWrite. There are some good writers here
    (Oct26GreatSundayT –

    And also the opportunity to write silly pieces too
    that one had 15 second voting time, limit three words!

    It is a very versatile site, with a few stories in German too. You can play in any language as long as the writers can write it!

    I heartily recommend trying it out. Games are currently being played at 1100 and 2100 GMT.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hat dies auf axslbiz rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Sure I would Love to Participate
    But I am On a Deadline
    But Please Forward Me All of The Info
    and Tag Me into The Events
    I will Play Next Round For Sure

    Gefällt mir

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